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New Post 3/11/2011 12:43 PM
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VisiFire Chart Issues 

There is already an open ticket to look at upgrading VisiFire Charts, as seen here:

I would like to expedite this process as there is a significant flaw in the charting tool that ships with VWG where by the data series name is not properly popluated into the Visifire LegendText field. I went to Visire and ran the samples, I saved them as XAML. I ran a VWG sample and saved the XAML. You can clearly see where the VWG developer did not test his code before finalizing this project and moving it to production. Its an obvious mistake. Look at the picture below and you can see. The "4" and the "12" highlighted in RED. These are useless numbers to me. They are some internal index that was not passed in by my data. I passed in BLUE=Agent Name and BROWN=Number of Evaluatuions. The chart prints 4 and 12.

I certainly cant deliver that to a customer as a finished product.


This is the XAML that is produced by the VWG charting tool. It should not have a "4" or a "12" in the NAME param of the DATA SERIES but the value that I passed to the VWG Chart Object.


<vc:Chart xmlns="" xmlns:x="" Width="481" Height="330" Name="VWG_0" Watermark="False" Theme="Theme1" ColorSet="Visifire1" xmlns:vc="clr-namespace:Visifire.Charts;assembly=SLVisifire.Charts">

      <vc:Title Name="1" Text="Agent Evaluations (Averages and Number of Evaluations)" />

      <vc:Axis Name="2" Title="" Prefix="" Suffix="" />

      <vc:Axis Name="3" Title="Average Score" Prefix="" Suffix="%" />

      <vc:DataSeries Name="4" RenderAs="Column" MarkerScale="0.8">
            <vc:DataPoint Name="5" AxisXLabel="Brower, Ron" YValue="72.8774996995926" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="6" AxisXLabel="Marcia, Rich" YValue="95.4499969482422" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="7" AxisXLabel="Voice Mail, System" YValue="111.987501144409" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="8" AxisXLabel="Favara, Victor" YValue="53.7049999237061" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="9" AxisXLabel="St John, Blake" YValue="88.2399978637695" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="10" AxisXLabel="CSI, TEST" YValue="91.1100006103516" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="11" AxisXLabel="McCormick, Ryan" YValue="65.1108331680298" />

      <vc:DataSeries Name="12" RenderAs="Line" MarkerScale="0.8">
            <vc:DataPoint Name="13" AxisXLabel="Brower, Ron" YValue="8" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="14" AxisXLabel="Marcia, Rich" YValue="1" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="15" AxisXLabel="Voice Mail, System" YValue="4" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="16" AxisXLabel="Favara, Victor" YValue="2" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="17" AxisXLabel="St John, Blake" YValue="1" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="18" AxisXLabel="CSI, TEST" YValue="3" />
            <vc:DataPoint Name="19" AxisXLabel="McCormick, Ryan" YValue="12" />



I sent a sample application to support to view.


BTW the tracker say it will be fixed in version 7. Anyone using these charts can't wait that long. Considering the magnitude of this oversight, please have someone fix this ASAP. If thats not possible please post the VWG Visire Fire Chart proejct so I can fix it myself.

Thanks you.


New Post 3/12/2011 4:03 AM
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Re: VisiFire Chart Issues 

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your report and your sample application. I opened a new tracker entry on the subject. Please view it here and follow up on our progress.

Regarding the scheduling to version 7, then I can see only three Chart related tracker entries scheduled to version 7, and all of them discuss implementing some new features into the chart. All the others are scheduled to 6.4.01, which is our next service pack release (probably released in some chunks), including this one here.

Hope this helps and thanks again for the report,



Páll Björnsson - Visual WebGui Community Manager - Email:

Please include VWG version information with your questions (best: Full name of VWG installation .MSI file)
To send sample code or other files to support, first zip the relevant project or files,
then rename .ZIP file to different extension like .XIP and finally email as attachment to email address above.
Remember to include full Http Url to the forum thread in the message.
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